Former Super Bowl Champion Chris Canty Chimes In On Tom Brady’s Toughness

Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve ever questioned Tom Brady’s physical toughness, former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Chris Canty has a story for you.

Yes, this was over a decade ago. Yes, the game has changed a lot since then.

Nonetheless, this is a testament to the quarterback’s ability to get rocked and keep going.

Since Brady has become elite at avoiding the big hit, it’s easy to forget that he played football when the rules weren’t as tight as they were now. You could demolish a quarterback night in and night out without the same consequences you’d get in 2019.

For over half of Brady’s career, blitzing safeties or free rushers could take the quarterback’s head off with a penalty being called only here or there. That’s why, when people claim that Brady is soft or afraid of the big hit, it’s laughable.

He’s not afraid of the big hit. He’s taken so many over his career that he knows how to evade them.

There’s a difference.