Which NFL Teams Have the Spookiest Appearances?

Which NFL Teams Have the Spookiest Appearances?

by October 31, 2019 2 comments

Halloween is here. Take a look at the spookiest mascots around the NFL.

Team colors and logos matter. Some fans even choose their favorite team based on the mascot or colors alone. Some teams choose mascots that inspire, such as the eagle for the Philadelphia Eagles. Other teams select mascots that strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. Just in time for Halloween, here are some of the NFL’s spookiest mascots. 

Oakland Raiders 

Looking at the Raiders’ logo, intimidation is not necessarily the first word that comes to mind. However, thinking about what exactly a raider is ups the spooky factor here. Raiders are known for destroying and pillaging. They take joy in invading a village or country, intent on its destruction. Synonyms for raider include marauder, invader, warmonger, and assailant. Pair that with the ominous silver and black colors of the team, and a perfect storm of creepiness brews. 

Originally, the Raiders were going to be called the “Oakland Señors” but that name was greeted with criticism and jokes. The name “Raiders” finished third in the original contest, so that was the name that the team settled upon. 

What would make it spookier: Exchange the human face on the logo with a skull.

Speaking of skulls…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If this were any time before 1997, the Buccaneers would certainly not be on this list. The Bucs make this list thanks to a savvy change of colors and logos in the 1997 season. Gone are the “creamsicle” jerseys. Replacing the orange and red original Buccaneer was Tampa Bay’s own version of the Jolly Roger, or pirate flag. We know from history books and movies that when the ship with the skull and crossbones (or in this case, a skull crossed with swords and a football) shows up, death is soon to follow. Tampa Bay has masterfully embraced the new logo over the years, completing Raymond James Stadium with a pirate ship in one of the endzones. 

Tampa Bay was an expansion team, added to the NFL in the early 1970s. Tampa Bay got the name Buccaneers from a “name the franchise” contest conducted shortly after becoming an official NFL franchise. 

What would make it spookier: An all-black uniform variant would amp up the intimidation factor here. 

Baltimore Ravens

At first glance, a raven is fairly spooky on its own, being connected to Halloween. Its black coloring and large size make the raven a very intimidating sight to see. The Baltimore Raven gets its unique spookiness from where its name came from: “The Raven,” by Edgar Allen Poe. Poe lived in the city of Baltimore for a good portion of his life, including his last days. The author is considered to be a master of horror and has written numerous poems and short stories. The Raven is perhaps his most popular work.

Baltimore’s use of black in their uniforms helps the mascot to reach the height of spookiness. The fact that a group of ravens is called an “unkindness” or “conspiracy” makes them seem spookier somehow. 

What would make it spookier: An alternate uniform, consisting of only black and white, would make the Ravens a very spooky sight indeed. 

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