Belichick Talks 2 Penalties That Lead to Viral Smile

Belichick Talks 2 Penalties That Lead to Viral Smile

by October 22, 2019 14 comments

It is very rare that one sees New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick smile barring winning a championship game.

However in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s blowout against his former team, Belichick let out a grin that has taken the internet by storm.

The six-time Super Bowl winning head coach sent out his punting unit and allowed the play clock to tick down to zero causing a delay of game. The New York Jets declined the penalty.

Belichick then seemingly called for a purposeful false start after the play clock ticked down to almost nothing.

The Jets declined this penalty as well but not before the Patriots were able to take a good chunk of time off the clock and exploit a loophole in the NFL rulebook.

“It was just the way the rules were set up, Belichick told reporters at his postgame press conference. “We were able to run quite a bit of time off the clock without really having to do anything.”

Belichick closed with saying that this little trick to consume clock should and probably will be banned from usage.

“It’s probably a loophole that will be closed,” Belichick said. “It probably should be closed but right now it’s open.”

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