Galvin: Welcome to October, the Month the NFL Pretends to Care About Women

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a month that fundraises for a cure and brings to light the struggles that all people with breast cancer endure, and celebrate their survival, perseverance, or in some cases, their memory.

The NFL and many other leagues participate in this month. Teams wear pink and fields are painted with the pink ribbon.

But what fans fail to realize is this is a facade. The NFL doesn’t actually care about women, they just profit off of this month and continue to employ alleged domestic abusers and sexual assaulters.

Ben Roethlisberger. Jameis Winston. Richie Incognito. Tyreek Hill. Kareem Hunt. Reuben Foster. Shall I go on?

The most recent accusations have been against former Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown. However, following his most recent release by New England, he hasn’t found himself back on an NFL roster.

The NFL doesn’t take sexual misconduct or domestic abuse seriously. Take Kareem Hunt for example. There is a video explicitly showcasing Hunt punching and kicking a woman. His response video interview with ESPN was even more disgusting. He tried to make himself look better instead of using the entire interview to apologize for his actions. Hunt was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs, however, he now resides with the Cleveland Browns, looking to make a comeback in Week 9 of this NFL season.

If the NFL truly cared about women, Kareem Hunt would not be on a team right now.

When was the last time an update on the accusations against Brown was released?

Brown went on a tirade when he was released by the Patriots, citing people like Roethlisberger were still in the league and people like Robert Kraft still owned teams.

And though Brown went crazy, he does have a point. Why are people like Big Ben still playing in the league? What happened to Robert Kraft’s trial?

The league has never and will never take sexual misconduct or domestic violence seriously, at least not under the commission of Robert Goodell.

Another aspect of this is the sexism that female reporters and female fans endure as a part of the game.

Everyone remembers the infamous Cam Newton interview. The “it’s funny to hear a female talking about routes” interview. An NFL spokesperson called this “disrespectful,” but nothing happened after besides a depthless response video talking about how Cam has little girls.

I know that nothing in the NFL can be changed overnight, and I’m not asking them to. I simply believe that the NFL should not be so overwhelmingly supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month when the league still has domestic abusers and sexual assaulters within it.


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