Porch: Trading Betts Would Ruin Red Sox

Photo: AP Photo/John Minchillo

With the speculations of his pending free agency to go along with the rumors around the league, trading Mookie Betts would not be beneficial.

It seems as Red Sox nation is torn between the two sides—either sign Betts to a massive long term commitment, and or maybe watching him leave in free agency, or trading the superstar before his contract year due to his reluctance in talking an extension. Many players refuse to talk about contracts in order to focus on the job at hand, winning a championship. A player willing to put himself aside for the betterment of the team is truly special.

Will Betts receive huge contracts from other teams? Obviously. Can the Red Sox still offer him more money? That’s up to the team owners. The team still has to worry about the lackluster Rick Porcello, the shifty Brock Holt, and potentially J.D Martinez this offseason. As well as Jackie Bradley Jr. in the same year as Betts. There’s a lot of financial decisions and time ahead of Betts.

The team could find benefit if they decide to tear down and rebuild as an emergency tactic if Martinez opts out after this season. Even if Martinez walks, it frees up more salary to help build up this team for success. It’s very hard to envision a scenario that suits a Betts trade.

What would be, as some fans call it, a ‘sizable return’ for Betts? Most people can agree while he is a top 10 player in the league, it’s almost hard to envision a great return of prospects for a one year rental. Without the aid of additions to sweeten the deal, or taking on additional salary to dump from another team makes the finances hard.

Betts downplayed rumors that he was discontent with his situation in Boston in an interview with Mass Live.

“I’ve loved it here. I love the front office, my teammates, coaches. Everybody. It’s been nothing but amazing here,” Betts said. “Just because you go to free agency doesn’t mean you don’t want to be somewhere. It’s just a part of the business.”

That does not sound like a player who is eager to bolt, a la Bryce Harper. It sounds like a Mike Trout answer. It sounds like a player who wants to play the game. Nobody knows whats going through the mind of Betts, but one things for sure, we will know his fate after the 2020 season.


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