Madden 20: Real-Life Predictions

Madden 20: Real-Life Predictions

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Madden 20 came out on August 2. Near the end of July, each team’s rating was publicized.

Team Rating
Arizona 78
Atlanta 86
Baltimore 81
Buffalo 78
Carolina 84
Chicago 84
Cincinnati 80
Cleveland 83
Dallas 88
Denver 81
Detroit 80
Green Bay 87
Houston 83
Indianapolis 86
Jacksonville 79
Kansas City 84
LA Chargers 85
LA Rams 85
Miami 74
Minnesota 83
New England 87
New Orleans 87
NY Giants 77
NY Jets 78
Oakland 80
Philadelphia 89
Pittsburgh 84
San Francisco 83
Seattle 81
Tampa Bay 78
Tennessee 81
Washington 83

Instead of simulating a season on Madden, this set of predictions will be similar to the Splash-ELO predictions from June. The formula has been adjusted to the Madden ratings, and wins and losses were predicted.

AFC East:

New England Patriots 11.3-4.7 *
NY Jets 6.2-9.8
Buffalo Bills 6.1-9.9
Miami Dolphins 3.4-12.6

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens 7.7-8.3
Pittsburgh Steelers 9.4-6.6 Y
Cleveland Browns 9.1-6.9 X
Cincinnati Bengals  7.4-8.6

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts 10.2-5.8 Z
Tennessee Titans 7.1-8.9
Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
Houston Texans  8.1-7.9

AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs 8.7-7.3 X
Denver Broncos 7.1-8.9
Los Angeles Chargers 9.6-6.4 Y
Oakland Raiders 6.6-9.4

NFC East:

Philadelphia Eagles 11.7-4.3 *
Dallas Cowboys 10.9-5.1 X
Washington Redskins 8.1-7.9
NY Giants 4.8-11.2

NFC North:

Chicago Bears 8.2-7.8
Minnesota Vikings 7.7-8.3
Green Bay Packers 10.1-5.9 Y
Detroit Lions 6.3-9.7

NFC South:

Atlanta Falcons 9.7-6.3 X
Carolina Panthers 8.5-7.5
New Orleans Saints 10.3-5.7 Z
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5.4-10.6

NFC West:

LA Rams 9.4-6.6 Y
Seattle Seahawks 7-9
San Francisco 49ers 8.2-7.8
Arizona Cardinals 5.7-10.3

* -Home Field Advantage

Z – Bye

Y – Division Winner

X – Wild Card

Playoff Seeding:


  1. New England
  2. Indianapolis
  3. LA Chargers
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Cleveland
  6. Kansas City


  1. Philadelphia
  2. New Orleans
  3. Green Bay
  4. LA Rams
  5. Dallas
  6. Atlanta
Wild Card:

#3 Chargers beat #6 Chiefs

#4 Steelers beat #5 Browns

#3 Packers beat #6 Falcons

#5 Cowboys beat #4 Rams

Divisional Round:

#2 Colts beat #3 Chargers

#1 Patriots beat #4 Steelers

#2 Saints tie with #3 Packers*

#1 Eagles beat #5 Cowboys

Conference Championships

#1 Patriots beat #2 Colts

#1 Eagles beat #2 Saints/#3 Packers

Super Bowl LIV:

The Eagles prevail over the Patriots.

*Ties cannot happen in the playoffs, but the Saints and Packers had the same rating.

The predictions seem to make sense. There is enough variance between the 2018 and 2019 playoffs for this set to be somewhat realistic.

The win tallies are more normalized than a traditional set of predictions as no team gets to the 12-win plateau. In a similar manner, only one team is pipped for fewer than four wins. In 2019, there are a handful teams that will win 12 games and a handful that will win four or fewer, so Madden might be too close on those ratings.

The Madden ratings genuinely hate the Dolphins, as they are all alone at 74 overall. Moving up the list of teams, Atlanta and Green Bay seem to be slightly overrated based on their 2018 seasons. Neither team finished at .500, but both teams are very good in this simulation.

In terms of the 12 playoff teams from 2018, eight of them return, leaving the Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, and Seattle Seahawks out of the playoffs. There is reason to believe that any number of those teams miss the playoffs in 2019, but it is doubtful that all four miss.

For division crowns, five divisions crown new champions with only the Patriots, Saints, and Rams reclaiming their honors. As a whole, those three repeat teams make sense as all three advanced to the conference championship round.

The Rams seem to be slightly underrated after their run to the Super Bowl in 2018. Despite star players such as Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley, the Rams slump to a rating of 85.

Comment which teams you will be looking forward to use in Madden 20.


I’m Ryan Potts. Some people affectionately call me Splash. I am renowned for being a misplaced Ravens, Cavs, Wings & Braves fan. Twitter: MrSplashMan19

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