After Stint With Patriots, Sims Making It Happen in Arena Football

After Stint With Patriots, Sims Making It Happen in Arena Football

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In 2013, the New England Patriots went through a wide receiver overhaul and Quentin Sims, an undrafted rookie, was catching passes from Tim Tebow and Tom Brady.

“I’ll tell you one thing about Tim Tebow,” Sims said to Prime Time Sports Talk. “It was an honor to meet him, you got to see the genuine Tebow and you realize he’s such a good guy and yeah he may not be the best at reading coverages and going through progressions but you could tell how much he loved what he did.”

The chemistry between Sims and Tebow was almost immediate.

“Him and I kind of made a connection because I was his bailout a lot of times,” Sims said. “And when he threw the ball towards me, I was coming down with it a lot. It was a lot of fun.”

Because he was on the receiving end of the former Bronco’s passes, Sims found himself on everyone’s television for the first time.

“The last preseason game, I scored a couple of touchdowns,” Sims said. “And because it was Tebow, it was on ESPN for 24 hours. There was so much coverage and that was the coolest part.”

Sims (left) and Tebow (right) celebrating. Photo: AP/Elise Amendola

Arguably the most infamous catch of Sims’ Patriots career, a readjusted reception for a touchdown. Tebow’s throw was behind the UT Martin alum but Sims contorted his body and broke free for the score.

“That was an amazing experience,” Sims said. “I was so grateful and happy when it happened because it’s high pressure in that situation.”

Sims did not make the Patriots’ roster, nor did he make any other squad. Something that he considers the fault of his younger self.

“The biggest lesson you learned was you have to control what you can control, and I look back at my time and I’m certain that they saw my potential and I kind of got relaxed because of that,” Sims said. “But I could’ve given more, the Patriots got to go to the movie theater next to the stadium for free and I saw movies when I could, so I think I could’ve studied more, I should’ve looked at myself and said, ‘What can I do better.'”

All he had done, was not enough. But it was because of this that Sims was able to grow and mature in football and in life.

“Not really understanding how the NFL worked, I saw that I was making more catches than other receivers and thought, ‘That’s all that I had to do and that was enough,” Sims said. “I blamed a lot of people for the good portion of the time and especially not getting any opportunities after that and I was just watching the waivers and it was tough but I’m glad it happened that way.”

New England Patriots wide receivers Johnathan Haggerty (83), Quentin Sims (84) and Kenbrell Thompkins (85) run during a joint workout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at NFL football training camp, in Foxborough, Mass., Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Sims was offered one more chance by the Atlanta Falcons. Conflicted with seeing the birth of his child and another opportunity to make an NFL roster, he made the choice he thought was right.

“While I was working, the Falcons offered me a contract and camp started the very next day and I decided that I’m not playing football and I am not getting on a plane tonight just because the Falcons called me,” Sims said. “I could say I regret it and it was the hardest thing because they kept calling and leaving messages at work. But had I went and made the team, I would have missed my daughter’s birth and I made a commitment to my family when I quit football.”

Today, Quentin Sims has two kids and no regrets in how his life has turned out. As well as attending law school, the wide receiver is playing for the Arena Football League’s Albany Empire, where he is arguably the best wide receiver in the league.

“The arena game is so much fun for receivers and especially for fans,” Sims said. “The first time I stepped on the arena field and they had the walls and I felt like I lost my powers because there are walls here, and I can run away from these guys, not enough space. It’s a transition, but once you make it, it can definitely help an outdoor player.”

The arena football game has helped Sims grow his game to have the aspects he lacked with his time with the Patriots that Brady and the coaching staff look for. Whether it be a great route running or creating separation.

Dubbed “Mr. Make it Happen,” he has totaled more than 20 receiving touchdowns with some coming with double coverage draped all over him.

Sims, put it simply to how he wants to be remembered.

“Just as the guy who made the big plays,” Sims said. “I approach every game and every play as my job and if I do my job, it’s going to work in my favor.” h

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    Sam great article Quentin and his family are across the street from us I see not only a great ballplayer but an amazing Dad and husband

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