My 2019 NL All-Star starters

My 2019 NL All-Star starters

by June 13, 2019

Marcos Mendoza | June 13, 2019

We’re just under a month away from the 2019 MLB All-Star game in Cleveland, so here are my starting nine for the National League squad:


Yasmani Grandal, Brewers

2019 stats: .282/.381/.544 .925 OPS .385 wOBA 138 wRC+ .262 ISO 14 HR and 2.6 WAR.

Grandal ranks 1st among NL catchers in every statistic listed above and he’s been just what the Brewers expected as they signed him in free agency.

Runner Up: Willson Contreras, Cubs



Josh Bell, Pirates

2019 Stats: .324/.390/.656 1.046 OPS .423 wOBA 167 wRC+ .332 ISO 18 HR and 2.3 WAR.

Josh Bell was the NL player of the month in May and he’s really been the best hitter in the National League not names Cody Bellinger.

Runner Up: Freddie Freeman, Braves



Mike Moustakas, Brewers

2019 Stats: .275/.342/.589 .931 OPS .385 wOBA 138 wRC+ .314 ISO 20 HR and 2.4 WAR.

Moose has been phenomenal this season offensively and a huge part of the loaded Brewers offense.

Runner Up: Ketel Marte, Diamondbacks



Javier Baez, Cubs

2019 Stats: .295/.335/.563 .898 OPS .369 wOBA 130 wRC+ .268 ISO 16 HR and 2.7 WAR.

This was an easy decision, as Baez is easily the best SS in the NL year in and year out, as he is one of the most electric players in baseball.

Runner Up: Trevor Story, Rockies



Nolan Arenado, Rockies

2019 Stats: .330/.381/.602 .983 OPS .400 wOBA 135 wRC+ .272 ISO 17 HR and 3.0 WAR.

Third base is loaded with talent in the NL this season. I would go Anthony Rendon here, but he missed time earlier this season so I went with Nolan.

Runner Up: Anthony Rendon, Nationals



Cody Bellinger, Dodgers

2019 Stats: .352/445/.678 1.200 OPS .451 wOBA 187 wRC+ .326 ISO 20 HR and 4.5 WAR.

This is probably the easiest decision out of all of them as Bellinger is absolutely out of his mind this season offensively and defensively.

Runner Up: Charlie Blackmon Rockies


Christian Yelich, Brewers

2019 Stats: .346/.449/.760 1.658 OPS .476 wOBA 198 wRC+ .415 ISO 25 HR and 4.4 WAR.

We move Yelich over to CF as he and Bellinger are both having insane seasons and you can’t keep them both out of the lineup.

Runner Up: Ketel Marte, Diamondbacks


Ronald Acuna Jr. Braves

2019 Stats: .281/.362/.492 .854 OPS .361 wOBA 122 wRC+ .212 ISO 15 HR and 2.3 WAR.

The young phenom for the Braves is having no sophomore slump this season and definitely deserves a starting role in the ASG.

Runner Up: David Peralta, Diamondbacks


Hyun-Jin Ryu, Dodgers

2019 Stats: 86 IP 1.36 ERA 0.80 WHIP 6.7 H9 0.7 HR9 0.5 BB9 and 8.1 SO9.

This is another no-brainer as Ryu has been not only the best pitcher in the NL this season but also the best pitcher in all of baseball.


The Lineup

1. LF Ronald Acuna Jr.R

2. RF Cody Bellinger L

3. 3B Nolan Arenado R

4. CF Christian Yelich L

5. 1B Josh Bell S

6. DH Freddie Freeman L

7. C Yasmani Grandal S

8. SS Javier Baez R

9. 2B Mike Moustakas L

The National League is loaded with so much talent this season and should give the American League team a run for their money in this years All-Star Game.

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