Julian Edelman Graduates

(Photo Credit: Julian Edelman [@Edelman11])

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman now has a new award to display on his shelf full of Super Bowl rings and a Super Bowl MVP trophy: A college degree.

Edelman graduated from Kent State today. He walked with the Kent State class of 2019, finishing what he started back as a freshman in 2006.

Edelman announced this on his social media Thursday. He noted in his Instagram post: “It is important to me that I make my parents proud as I fulfill a promise that I made to them that I would, one day, be a college graduate. I also want to set a great example for my daughter, so that when I talk about the importance of a college degree, I can show her that earning my degree was important to me.”

Edelman was drafted in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft as a quarterback out of Kent State. He played three years for the Golden Flash before being drafted, then went back to school to finish his undergraduate degree in Integrated Studies.

Tom Brady congratulated his teammate on Twitter, saying, “Congrats on 14 years of college!!! That’s got to be another record you’ve set!”

At the end of his post, Edelman stated: “To my fellow Golden Flash graduates, Congratulations!”

Congratulations, Julian. You make New England proud.


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