Brackett Breakdown: Week 4

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Following a disappointing start to the season, the Massachusetts Pirates are looking to bounce back tonight against former receiver Bones Bagaunte and the Columbus Lions.

Ahead of that matchup tonight, quarterback Sean Brackett broke down what went wrong last week and how he can fix it.

The first play was his scrambling interception where he chose to throw towards the end zone instead of tucking and running.

“My whole thing was that it was fourth down,” Brackett said. “If it was a shorter yardage situation, I’m taking off. But I saw the field in front of me, I didn’t think I could get it with my legs, so I just tried to bide time to let a receiver get open.”

Ball security is something that Brackett himself admits that he needs to work on. With errors happening too often through the air, he believes he needs to be calmer and collected in the pocket.

“I could be better. Sometimes I press because I see the scoreboard,” Brackett said. “I see our record and I’m just trying to do too much and it comes down to just executing plays and just trying not to do too much, trust the game, trust the players and get the ball into the playmaker’s hands and we’ll be good but I’m turning the ball over way too much and I can do a better job of ball security and taking care of the football.”

Brackett finds himself more so rushing into the end zone rather than passing the ball. The Pirates captain likes scoring points no matter how, but agrees that more should come from his arm.

“It is what it is. Whatever you got to do to get it into the [end zone],” Brackett said. “[But] I like throwing the football. I get paid to throw the football. So we just gotta be more efficient offensively.”

Finishing the drive, that’s what Brackett believes the team needs to work on the most if they are going to pull off the victory against the Lions tonight.

“When we get the ball down in the red zone, I think that’s where we kind of sputter sometimes,” Brackett said. “So we just gotta keep on working, getting in the right spot, guys need to learn to run the right routes, stuff like that.”


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