Report: Former MLB Players Killed in Fatal Car Crash

Photo: Getty Images

The MLB family lost two men far too soon Thursday, as Marcos Grunfeld M. of Univision Sports reported the deaths of Angels infielder, Luis Valbuena, as well as ex-Pirates infielder, Jose Castillo. Valbuena was just 33-years-old, while Castillo was 37.

Both of them died in a car crash in their native homeland of Venezuela, in a state named Yaracuy, according to Efrain Zavarce.

Valbuena was well-known around the MLB for his epic bat flips, even on balls that weren’t even close to going over the wall. He finished his career with a career average of .226 and 114 home runs and was released by the Angels back in August of 2018, after hitting just .199 in 96 games.

For Castillo, he last played back in 2008 as a member of the Houston Astros and rounded his career with a .254 career average in five seasons.

But this isn’t a time to reflect on their respective careers, this is a time to mourn the loss of two special talents, who were taken from the world far too soon. Nothing has been reported on the terms of how the car accident occurred, or if there was any evidence of foul play, so look back for more updates on the details of the car accident that took two members of the MLB alumni far before their time on earth was over.

Our condolences go out to their respective families as they mourn over the losses of these two young men. A friendly reminder that nobody is immortal and tragic things happen every day. It’s a sad day for the MLB community, and for the country of Venezuela.

This story will be updated when more information is made available.


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