Rodgers vs Brady: Who Deserves GOAT Status?

Rodgers vs Brady: Who Deserves GOAT Status?

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Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are the undisputed two best quarterbacks in the current NFL and are arguably two of the top five the sport has ever seen.

Rodgers captains one of the NFL’s most storied franchises in the Green Bay Packers, while Brady is at the helm of the NFL’s preeminent dynasty in the New England Patriots. This never-ending debate has engulfed national and local media alike: who would you rather have on your team, Rodgers or Brady?

Rodgers’s proponents will almost always point to stats. He owns Brady in many statistical categories, including passer rating and touchdown to interception ratio, and is lauded as the more athletic quarterback. Many media personalities are quick to point out that Rodgers can make any throw from any position, whether it be on his back or front foot, rolling left, or rolling right.

However, Brady has accumulated greater accolades, with the five rings as well as Lombardi trophies. Brady holds the edge in MVP’s, with his three to Rodgers’ two. He has made one more All-Pro team than Rodgers and doubles him up in Pro Bowls 13-6. It is worth noting that Brady has played seven more seasons than Rodgers, as the 34-year-old had to ride the bench behind Brett Favre for the first three years of his career.

In terms of durability, each quarterback has lost one season. Brady tore his ACL in the 2008 season opener and Rodgers lost last season with a broken collarbone as a result of an Anthony Barr hit.

The big news came recently, as Rodgers signed an NFL record four years, $134 million deal, with the ability to earn a maximum of 180 million. He is now the highest paid player in the league, while Brady is ranked 46th. Part of the value with Brady is the fact that he is willing to sacrifice dollars in order to help his team win. People can point to the fact that Rodgers is seemingly a one-man show in Green Bay, but the fact remains that he has never gone back to a Super Bowl since his lone ring in the 2010-11, while Brady carried the 31st ranked defense to a Super Bowl. Brady has the obvious advantage in coaching, he has the rings to show for it—Rodgers has just one.

The debate will probably never end. Most commentators just hide behind semantics instead of taking a side, saying that while Rodgers is the most talented to play the game, Brady is the most accomplished. One thing is sure, players of Brady and Rodgers’ caliber don’t grow on trees, and their generational talents might never be seen again.

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  1. Mark
    #1 Mark 1 September, 2018, 13:52

    I think Rogers needs to perform st s high level for several more years (be worth this new contract for the full term) to start getting into the GOAT category. Longevity is on Brady’s side and deserves to be part of the conversation.

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