Report: Jimmy Butler Hopes to Join Forces With Kyrie Irving

Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving are trying to figure out a way to team up, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Butler was clearly upset with his team earlier in the season, saying he wasn’t sure how certain teammates weren’t as driven to win as he is. Butler is now disgruntled with 22-year-old center Karl-Anthony Towns, according to the report. He is fed up with mainly his, but also others seemingly careless attitudes, and wants a change of scenery either this year via trade or next year in free agency.

Boston still has yet to make any large moves this offseason—a complete 180 from last time around. However, Butler is a player that would fit seamlessly under head coach Brad Stevens. He gets it done on both ends of the floor, but more importantly can defend multiple positions on the fly without causing a defensive collapse by switching.

If the Minnesota Timberwolves do try to trade Butler, the price may be too high for Boston. Regardless, it is only one more year until both Butler and Irving are free agents, with neither expected to sign an extension.

If the Celtics can’t work out a way for Butler to climb aboard, fans could be looking at both stars leaving their respective teams and linking together elsewhere.


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