From the Founder: How Justyna Boucher Changed My Life

Photo Courtesy Boucher/Pass Family:

Some people would write a speech, a song, or find another way to honor someone’s life. I’m going to honor one of the greatest human beings I have ever met with an article about how she changed my life and saved my passion.
Justyna Boucher, who I had the privilege of writing two articles about, passed away today after her long and hard battle with Phyllodes Soft Tissue Sarcoma.
In all honesty, when I took on Justyna’s story, my passion for journalism and going out to find a story or write was at its lowest point.
But after meeting her and being blessed with being the one to tell her story, I can say with absolute certainty that this beautiful angel helped me find myself again. She gave me more strength, more hope, and the love and passion for telling a story again.
Watching Julian Edelman walk into that room to meet Justyna and her having her wish come true, made me happy not because of being able to meet one of the players I long admired. But because a young woman who fought long and hard, got everything she deserved and I couldn’t feel more honored to have watched it unfold.
Every news writer and reporter dreams about their “Big Story.” Justyna gave me this gift and I am forever blessed to have shared the same room with such an amazing woman.
I’ll miss you so much Justyna and I will never forget everything you gave me. Which included the honor of being your friend.
Love always and forever
Sam Gordon,

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