Hanley Ramirez Under Investigation for Potential Drug Ring

Photo Credit: Zimbio Images

Whether or not you were a fan of Hanley Ramirez during his time here in Boston, you have to taken aback by the news that has recently broke about the ex-Red Sox slugger.

Ramirez has been available to be signed by any team who wishes to acquire his services since May 27, but the future of Hanley Ramirez’s baseball career is now in significant jeopardy as we await the news.

Michele McPhee of ABC News first reported at 5:31 pm Eastern Time that Hanley Ramirez is being eyed in connection to an ongoing state and federal investigation for a large amount of drugs found after a car was pulled over.

This drug bust is also being linked to a drug ring that has been stationed in Lawrence for a few years.

She [McPhee] later added that “the suspect claimed that one of the items found in the vehicle belonged to Hanley Ramirez and then FaceTimed him in front of police. The suspect – a person who was not Ramirez – was found with ‘435 grams of fentanyl and crack cocaine.” This police-involved incident has also allegedly been linked to the timing of his release from the Red Sox on May 25.

The Red Sox have, ironically, announced that this has nothing to do with why Ramirez was released back in May, as they were unaware of any such thing at the time. But considering the cliff that Ramirez fell off of from April (.330 average) to May (.163), one can certainly speculate that this investigation was at least going on during this season. As bad as Hanley has been at times in his Red Sox career, he was never that bad.

It certainly makes you wonder where his mind may have wandered off to; and legal trouble makes perfect sense, even though he is saying he is unaware of any allegations reported today.

Regardless of that, the Red Sox front office either dodged a major bullet, or has just told the biggest lie the sports world has ever seen.



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