Report: Steelers Players Respond to Harrison Signing With Patriots

Report: Steelers Players Respond to Harrison Signing With Patriots

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When the New England Patriots signed linebacker James Harrison, one would have definitely assumed that there would have been some backlash from fans about the pass rusher joining the rival team.

But, with Pittsburgh Steelers players now responding, the change in scenery for Harrison has caused as much drama as any given Grey’s Anatomy episode.

In a tweet by Josh Rowntree, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey spent nearly two minutes talking about the subject of Harrison calling his legacy “erased.”

Free safety Mike Mitchell also sounded off on the matter thinking the one-year $59,000 deal is eye opening and even going as far as responding to a question a reporter asked  highlighting the signing as a defection in the form of changing sides from cowboys to indians.

“I’m not going to assassinate his character, but I wouldn’t have done it for $59,000,” he said to the media. “Someone has to get scalped.”

Mitchell then added another theatrical touch in a tweet he posted just yesterday morning.

It didn’t stop there as offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert according to a tweet by senior Steelers writer Mark Kaboly, had quite a few choice words for Harrison.

Gilbert got even more dramatic posting a photo on instagram with a quote that is undoubtedly pointed towards his former teammate.

Outside linebacker Bud Dupree who had played right next to James Harrison from the start of his career, just ripped into his former teammate just calling it an outright insult to not just the team, but the organization as a whole.

“It feels like he went to the Patriots just to spit in Coach Tomlin and Mr. Rooney’s face. That’s all it was to us,” Dupree said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Like basically you spit on your teammates, you spit on us because the whole season you’ve been shown as someone different than what you were supposed to, so-called, be to us — other than a leader.”

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Photo Credit: Associated Press (AP)

The National Football League itself is a business and whether you are in the business of winning or making money, you make a decision that you believe is best for yourself.

Harrison did what he thought was best for himself and the players on his former team are taking it as personal giving the situation even more drama that is leading to what should be a disappointing conclusion when Harrison addresses the media tomorrow.

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  1. D. Elkin
    #1 D. Elkin 28 December, 2017, 15:48

    People should leave J.H. alone and mind there own business The Steelers didn’t want him anymore so he had to play and get paid someplace those fans r jealous cause he’s with a winning team the Patriots yeah go James H. the Steelers don’t want to play against him

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