Ortiz Back With Boston

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On Wednesday afternoon, Boston Red Sox principal owner John Henry announced their former designated hitter, David Ortiz will have a job that “should link him with the organization forever.”

With his brand new role, he will “act as a mentor for current players, participate in recruitment efforts, make a variety of special appearances for the club, and work in a business development capacity for Fenway Sports Management and its partners.”

“I’m happy to be able to help the Red Sox organization I love in any way I can,” Ortiz said. “Whether that’s offering advice to a young player, helping convince a free agent that there’s no better city to play in than Boston, or representing the club in the community and with its partners, it’s great to be part of the Red Sox organization.”

One of the biggest reasons this is happening so soon is for the sheer fact that this Red Sox team has been suffering from a serious lack in power as they sit at 27th in home runs. Whereas last year, Ortiz’s final season, the team placed ninth. 

Many players, including Mookie Betts, have previously talked about the offensive struggles without David. Not only is just his power being missed, but it is said that his presence in the clubhouse had a major effect on everyone there.


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  1. David Ortiz needs to show himself in the dugout or be seated in the stand where the players see him. He is their mentor. Those guys look up to him and admire him. They just don’t known what to do without him being present at the games. Maybe he should think about coaching or something.They just love him.

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