Is Danny Ainge Hinting at the Celtics Draft Strategy On Twitter?

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The Boston Celtics are a team way ahead of schedule in their quest to return to the NBA’s elite tier of teams. After the “luck of the Irish” helped the ping pong balls bounce their way on Draft Lottery night, with the number one overall pick in hand Boston look to be on the cusp of making the final leap into true title contenders.

If the Celtics do keep that pick then common logic would suggest the team pick University of Washington combo guard Markelle Fultz, the draft’s almost unanimously agreed upon best player. However, this year’s top selection is coveted by more than a few other franchises in the midst of deciding wether or not to hit the rest button on their squads. Most notably the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers could be on the verge of accepting that their respect stars Jimmy Butler and Paul George have taken their teams as far as they can go.

Both players would be enticing options for a Boston team that could prefer an already proven NBA superstar rather than rolling the dice on a top prospect. Though the Pacers and Bulls might be willing to deal, it seems Celtics’ general manager Danny Ainge has other plans. As pointed out on Twitter by Dime Magazine, Ainge has recently engaged in some interesting social media activity.


The Boston general manager liked a Tweet by reporter Bill Simmons saying he’d like to see the Celtics retain the pick and draft Fultz. Due to Ainge’s sparse use of the app’s “like” button (he has only “liked” 340 Tweets) many are jumping to the conclusion that Boston may be showing their draft day hand.

It is probably unwise to read so much into Ainge’s Twitter activity. This could all be a smokescreen to generate more urgency on the trade market. If other teams believe Boston is considering keeping the pick it may make them offer up a star player for a reduced price tag.

Still when it comes to Danny Ainge, as Kevin Garnett once said: “Anything is possible!”



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