I Said It 4-28-17: Cleveland and Crosby

By Producer Alex

I totally didn’t write this at four in the morning, but the good thing is that you’ll never know because my editors won’t see it and publish it until later…

  • The general consensus seems to be that the Cleveland Browns won the first round of the NFL Draft… Obviously they’ve had lots of practice over the years. Congrats to Cleveland on getting their only win early! 
  • The Worldwide Leader in sports has been going through some tough times… Maybe ESPN can draft a couple new talents? I’ll sit by the phone, just in case. 
  • Chris Sale reminds me of Donald Trump: big expectations, no (run) support.
  • Did you catch the Penguins game the other night? No, of course not. Sorry for asking. Anyways, Sidney Crosby scored twice in one minute… Just like me on Friday night. 
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