I Said It 4-23-17: Patriots and Providence

By Producer Alex

I took time out of my Earth Day to write this garbage… er, I mean, this RECYCLING. Ha. Here are the jokes:

  • The Patriots went to the White House on Wednesday… or at least, most of them did. Brady had better things to do… Like Gisele. 
  • President Trump said that Bill Belichick is a “special man.” I concur. Belichick reportedly grunted quietly in approval, no change in his facial expression. 
  • And the Patriots’ Twitter page attacked the New York Times after the Times took a photo out of context and used it to make fun of the ceremony’s attendance. Savage. Looks like Trump taught them well. 
  • Meanwhile, the Providence Bruins have been performing well against Ottawa in the playoffs… Maybe in a couple of years, we’ll have a real shot at the Cup…


That last one wasn’t even a joke, that was just sad. Sort of like my life!

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