Brian Scalabrine Has Some Choice Words for LeBron James

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Former Boston Celtics forward and current Comcast SportsNet New England broadcaster Brian Scalabrine recently spoke candidly about this thoughts on NBA superstar LeBron James. The topic of league MVP candidates was brought up during a Celtics game Scal was commentating and it is safe to say that the “White Mamba” does not believe that King James should be in consideration for the honor.

“People are just going to vote [James] because they want to be friends with him,” said Scalabrine on the air.

The subject came ups when discussing where Boston’s Isiah Thomas will ultimately end up finishing in the MVP voting. This year’s 2017 NBA MVP race seems to be a pretty clear-cut two-horse between the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Houston Rockets’ James Harden, but Thomas is still likely to earn a few votes. Thomas’ 28.9 points per game (good for the league’s third highest mark behind Harden and Westbrook) is one of the biggest reasons the Celtics ended up with the number one seed in the Eastern Conference this season.

However, despite that Scalabrine still believes it is possible Thomas will finish behind James in the MVP voting. Wether Celtics fans like it or not, Scal probably has a pretty good point. James has been one of the league’s biggest stars for the past decade and with that comes some preferential treatment, both on and off the court. The four-time MVP has fouled out just eight times over the course of his 14 year NBA career. That makes eight games out of 1,061 total contests.

This is not the first time Scalabrine has trolled James either. Back in 2011 Scal ripped off LeBron’s infamous “Decision” to announce his own intentions to play overseas. While appearing on on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich show Scalabrine jokingly announced “I’m taking my talents to… Barcelona!”

Never change Scal.


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