I Said It 4-5-17: Brady and Bush

By Producer Alex

So yeah, a lot of weird stuff happened off the field recently.

  • The teenager who helped police find Tom Brady’s missing jersey (crazy story) just wants to meet TB12 as a reward. That seems reasonable. But once that’s done, can’t we put this kid to work finding out who killed Tupac? Some of us still need answers.
  • Rob Gronkowski appeared at WrestleMania 33 and even made a tackle. Maybe this is too much to ask, but don’t you think we could at least wait until the season starts before Gronk starts hurting himself?

  • Tony Romo joined the CBS Sports team as an analyst… Now he’ll finally get to go to the Super Bowl. 

  • Reportedly, Derek Jeter is looking to buy the Miami Marlins. So is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, apparently. If Bush is indeed in the race, then it sounds like Jeter is only a few insults away from landing himself a baseball club. Then again, the Marlins have always been a “low-energy” team.”

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